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about us

Imola Informatica is an independent IT consulting firm.

Everything that relates to the information technology world affects, interests and excites us. We step in whenever a public or private company wants to improve its services by innovating its work processes and management approaches in order to seize the business opportunities offered by digital transformation.

We serve major financial and insurance groups, and every day we are alongside large companies and small start-ups in managing technological and cultural change.

We are part of a network that shares the common idea of putting innovation at the service of people, businesses and the community. We are committed to the conscious development of local communities and smart cities.

our culture

  • Relations

    We always keep a channel open with our customers and partners, and those who work with us.

  • Team spirit

    Working together and sharing: results are always achieved together.

  • Responsibility

    Independence in consulting activities to guide customers towards their goals.

  • Commitment to local communities

    Development of digital culture in local areas, schools and cities.

Everything has changed at Imola Informatica in over thirty-five years, because the world has changed quickly. What we have not abandoned are the values that have guided us up to now.

We believe it is always people that make the difference, since it is with people that we design a digital future.


our people

At Imola Informatica, doing business means investing in people, their skills and their creativity.

Our human capital works in teams: their multidisciplinary nature allows us to explore alternative, new solutions together.

At Imola Informatica, we live immersed in complex, changing, difficult technological environments. We all love challenges, and we provide our talents to meet every need for innovation.

The insights of our professional teams have influenced the course of our company.
And they continue to do so.

86% employees
14% freelance workers

our history

Our history is a journey consisting of people, relationships and continuous research.

Along our way, we have set up partnerships and taken over other firms.

We have always experimented with new approaches to technology to bring about innovation.

our historyour history

our network


AI, machine lerning, big data


city platform, motore di ricerca verticale, promozione del territorio

servizi per il territorio, digital divide, community management


service design, user experience (UX), mobile

rivista online informatica, architetture, metodologie, sviluppo software

architettura e soluzioni a microservizi, jolie programming language

privacy, security, smart cities


spinoff universitario, mobility, smart cities


Agroadvisor Infoseed Local action Imola in rete Local Focus Open Innovation Lab Antreem Mokabyte Italiana Software Clipperz Saihub Cityshare Cyberloop

our partners

We work with:

  • organizations and bodies that define international standards

  • european and academic research programs

  • Abi Lab logo
  • Blockchain Business Board B3 logo
  • Software AG logo
  • Redhat logo
  • OMG logo
  • Gartner logo
  • Splunk logo
  • CRIT logo
  • D.I.R. logo

we have been chosen by

  • Gruppo Unicredit logo
  • Linear logo
  • Generali logo
  • Mediolanum logo
  • Mediobanca logo
  • Credit Agricole logo
  • Cura Consorzio logo
  • Intesa S.Paolo logo
  • Banco BPM logo
  • Genertel logo
  • AXA logo
  • Eco Recuperi logo
  • UnipolSai logo
  • CREDEM logo
  • Cefla logo
  • Banca Popolare di Sondrio logo
  • Achilles Vaccines logo
  • BPER Banca logo
  • Gruppo Hera logo
  • Acantho logo
  • Rekeep logo
  • Edenred logo
  • Sacmi logo

code of conduct

Imola Informatica is aware of the importance of its role within the community in which it operates and of the consequent ethical and social responsibilities towards all its interlocutors; has therefore decided to encode and transmit outside the Principles, Values and Rules of behavior that are the basis of correctness of relations with all interlocutors.

Download Code of conduct (available in italian only)