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We design streamlined, flexible architectures.
We guide the evolution of complex information systems.

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Advisory services

We try out all the most promising new developments.
We select the most suitable technologies for your world.

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Knowledge management

We draw up models to manage data and information.
We create innovative services to improve your business.

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Security and privacy

We help companies face up to the challenges of cybersecurity.
We educate organizations on the culture of security.

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We develop software for any need.
We guarantee top notch results for your company.

When we first started out everyone said:
information technology is the future.
More than thirty years later,
it still seems that way

Claudio Bergamini
Founder and president of Imola Informatica



Make room for companies and the world of research, students and geeks, public bodies and curious people! This is the ecosystem found in our Open Innovation Labs (digital innovation laboratories).

Open Innovation Labs
Professor Antonio Corradi talks about innovation laboratories

Open Innovation Labs
Matteo Gori from CucinaBarilla talks about corporate culture

Team spirit

Great talents able to work together.
The outcome is always the result of several skills and several people.
This is our strength and our culture.