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knowledge management

At Imola Informatica, we are convinced that data and information are raw materials which can be used to create innovative services and improve business.

Today artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the way we exploit the huge amounts of data we have (big data). We consider this a challenge we should rise to together with our customers.

Enterprise knowledge management

After people, the most important business asset a company has is the knowledge it produces and uses every day: data and information form a company’s distinctive cultural heritage.

For this reason, at Imola Informatica, we help our customers take care of their business knowledge.

Our services in the field of enterprise knowledge management range from mentoring activities to methodological contributions with innovative, open technological solutions.

Data governance

Without knowing your data thoroughly, it is not possible to make business actions effective. At Imola Informatica, we create the most suitable models for managing your company’s information assets effectively.

To do this, you need to keep strict controls on data throughout its entire life cycle, from its creation, until it is securely archived according to regulations. These steps allow us to draw up an evolutionary road map, which is constantly monitored through a maturity assessment model.

Semantic data integration

Companies generally have all the information they need to respond to business or regulatory needs. However, this information is often not interconnected, inconsistent, redundant or difficult to access.

At Imola Informatica, we exploit standard approaches and technologies that derive from the semantic web and from the open data paradigm. We succeed in retrieving and extracting information, integrating various data sources, and formalizing shared models. In this way, information is always ready for use and re-use to face everyday challenges.


Information, principles and tools are not easy to configure and use to achieve the best results. This is why we help our customers learn how to create value from their information, acquire the basic principles of knowledge management in the business environment, and make the most of available tools and technology.

We have been doing mentoring at Imola Informatica for over thirty years. We offer specialized advice and training courses on various subjects and technologies, from the most established ones to the latest evolving innovations.