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security and privacy

At Imola Informatica, we are working to raise awareness regarding information technology security and data processing. We help companies manage their corporate assets involved in personal data processing.


Information technology security

Security is an ever changing procedure that starts right from in-house resources: people and IT assets. At Imola Informatica, we are convinced of this and, thanks to our independence from commercial products, we follow 3 principles: safety is a process; safety is testable; safety is measurable.

We focus on the correctness of internal processes and education in companies to create a widespread awareness of cybersecurity. Our aims are:

  • to help identify critical issues
  • to suggest how to solve problems
  • to support choices and implementations
  • to help companies become autonomous in security management and prevention.

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For many organizations, the GDPR is a legal obligation and bureaucratic burden. At Imola Informatica, we see the European General Data Protection Regulation as a lever for business growth. We start from the data, and their management, in order to place them at the centre of a process which assures greater security and privacy protection.

When companies ask us how to comply with the GDPR, we tell them they have to see data processing in an entirely new way. We support our customers throughout the whole process to achieve:

  • correct data management
  • more consistent and informed management of personal data.