about us

Imola Informatica is an independent IT consulting firm.

Everything that relates to the information technology world affects, interests and excites us. We step in whenever a public or private company wants to improve its services by innovating its work processes and management approaches in order to seize the business opportunities offered by digital transformation.

We serve major financial and insurance groups, and every day we are alongside large companies and small start-ups in managing technological and cultural change.

We are part of a network that shares the common idea of putting innovation at the service of people, businesses and the community. We are committed to the conscious development of local communities and smart cities.

  • Relations

    We always keep a channel open with our customers and partners, and those who work with us.

  • Team spirit

    Working together and sharing: results are always achieved together.

  • Responsibility

    Independence in consulting activities to guide customers towards their goals.

  • Commitment to local communities

    Development of digital culture in local areas, schools and cities.

Everything has changed at Imola Informatica in over thirty-five years, because the world has changed quickly. What we have not abandoned are the values that have guided us up to now.

We believe it is always people that make the difference, since it is with people that we design a digital future.


At Imola Informatica, doing business means investing in people, their skills and their creativity.

Our human capital works in teams: their multidisciplinary nature allows us to explore alternative, new solutions together.

At Imola Informatica, we live immersed in complex, changing, difficult technological environments. We all love challenges, and we provide our talents to meet every need for innovation.

The insights of our professional teams have influenced the course of our company.
And they continue to do so.

86% employees
14% freelance workers

Our history is a journey consisting of people, relationships and continuous research.

Along our way, we have set up partnerships and taken over other firms.

We have always experimented with new approaches to technology to bring about innovation.

our historyour history


AI, machine lerning, big data


city platform, motore di ricerca verticale, promozione del territorio

servizi per il territorio, digital divide, community management


service design, user experience (UX), mobile

rivista online informatica, architetture, metodologie, sviluppo software

architettura e soluzioni a microservizi, jolie programming language

privacy, security, smart cities


spinoff universitario, mobility, smart cities


Agroadvisor Infoseed Local action Imola in rete Local Focus Open Innovation Lab Antreem Mokabyte Italiana Software Clipperz Saihub Cityshare Cyberloop

We work with:

  • organizations and bodies that define international standards

  • european and academic research programs

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Imola Informatica is aware of the importance of its role within the community in which it operates and of the consequent ethical and social responsibilities towards all its interlocutors; has therefore decided to encode and transmit outside the Principles, Values and Rules of behavior that are the basis of correctness of relations with all interlocutors.

Download Code of conduct (available in italian only)


work with us

Working with Imola Informatica means experimenting with complex subjects and learning new things every day.

We allow people to train and update the skills they need in a constantly changing world.
That is why we are always looking for new talents for our working groups.

People, not profiles


You will not find the classic job profiles you can apply for in this section. We are more interested in people’s experience and characteristics.
In particular, we believe it is essential for you:

  • to be crazy about technology
  • to love complex challenges.

If you have these characteristics, maybe you are just the right person to work with Imola Informatica.

Send your curriculum vitae to:
We will contact you to arrange a meeting so we can get to know each other better.


Head office:

via Selice,66/A
40026 Imola (BO)
tel: 0542.32640
fax: 0542.28023
e-mail: info@imolainformatica.it


viale L.Majno, 18
20129 Milano
tel: 02.34537886
fax: 02.34939184

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Normanno Cacciari
via Selice, 66/A
40026 Imola (BO)
tel: 0542.32640
pec: dpo@pec.imolinfo.it


    what we do

    Imola Informatica offers IT advice, and transfers skills in order to guide companies towards a future of digital innovation.

    We design the future of complex information systems and provide organizations with strategic support in making technological choices.
    We try out emerging new developments in the world of information technology ourselves. This means we can avoid fads and focus exclusively on efficient, top quality solutions to guide our customers towards their goals in the best possible way.

    We deal with methods, models and processes:

    IT architecture plays a proactive, collaborative role at Imola Informatica. Our system architects work across all areas to guide the evolution of your information system, and keep it effective, fast and secure.

    We take part in projects and find solutions to achieve our customer’s goals, with sustainable costs and implementation times.


    During digital transformation, companies are no longer able to manage IT systems using traditional approaches. They are too slow for the frequent, rapid changes required today. In these cases, at Imola Informatica, we help our customers with advice on DevOps.

    We use a progressive, governable approach. We implement delivery process automation (continuous integration, deployment and testing). We encourage all the parties and units involved to integrate and work together.


    We believe designing software means designing an integration-oriented architecture, which can easily be altered over time, with the utmost minimum vendor and technology lock-in.

    This is why we are convinced it is always important:

    • to design integration patterns and architectural models
    • to select high-performance, scalable technologies.

    Performance tuning

    Making information systems fast and reliable is one of our daily activities. We apply our knowledge, and bring the culture of cooperation into organizations.

    One fundamental aspect for us is simply to succeed in getting people with different skills to cooperate and work together to find the bottlenecks and improve the overall architecture.

    Quality assurance

    The quality of our software products reflects our skills and work process right up to roll-out. At Imola Informatica, we analyse every aspect. We take action technically and methodologically with the most appropriate tools for the context.

    We act on the entire software life cycle to improve quality, including coding, versioning, building, deployment, monitoring during operation, and ticketing. We foster the culture of quality assurance in corporate working groups.


    Companies often achieve their goals with excessive expenditure of resources and time. At Imola Informatica, we help our customers reduce bureaucracy: we only focus on activities that are valuable or necessary.

    This approach means we can respond better to many customers, each one with their own strong, unique culture and history. We create customized projects in the classic way or with an agile approach, depending on the level of elasticity required.


    IT architectures in many companies follow organizational charts, and are designed with a silo architecture. At Imola Informatica, we provide advice on migrating to service-oriented architectures (SOA).

    We support our customers in the technological and organizational transition. We define an SOA roadmap together, including all methodological and technological aspects. We introduce processes for:

    • managing service life cycles
    • identifying roles and responsibilities
    • defining guidelines and respective policies.


    Information systems are changing and becoming more integrated with people and their activities, and are increasingly flexible and able to evolve rapidly.

    This is why we have experimented with adopting a microservice architecture at Imola Informatica, with independent processes able to perform very specific functions which may be integrated.

    To assess the usefulness of a microservice architecture based on context, we share our expertise and experience with ItalianaSoftware, a company specializing in these architectures.

    At Imola Informatica, we try out everything we recommend to our customers and partners ourselves.

    Our independence from commercial agreements and our direct experience give us a competitive advantage in advisory services. We provide highly customized advice on all digital transformation projects.

    Enterprise Architecture

    To be competitive, companies have to have an appropriate organization for their business strategies and any changes therein.

    At Imola Informatica, we have always been committed to transformation projects, and have identified Enterprise Architecture as the most useful, complete approach to governing processes of change, and – in particular – all projects that involve information technology to achieve corporate business objectives.

    An overview of the processes, information and people allows us to offer a complete analysis, and mediate between business and IT.

    Service Design

    The service design panorama has changed so much in the last few years that we have decided to set up Antreem, a company working specifically in this field with a new, particularly creative staff.
    Thanks to their skills, we design faster business processes, and offer methods and services that are always oriented towards the end user.

    You can count on our solid experience in organization and design. We provide our own designers to meet our customers’ needs fully.

    Change management

    Every change in a company meets with internal resistance, sometimes even very strong resistance.
    At Imola Informatica, managing change means guiding our customers along a customized course towards innovation.

    We introduce changes progressively, and leverage the concepts of rhythm and adaptability, rather than speed and specialization.


    In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about outsourcing and managing remote suppliers. At Imola Informatica, we often meet suppliers on behalf of our customers and foster working together to achieve results.

    We support various sourcing policies, but we mainly support customers in the process of changing from outsourcing to in-sourcing and vice versa.

    We recommend in-sourcing policies to ensure a greater capacity for innovation and supervision. As concerns process, we rely on established, top quality methods.

    Complexity management

    Managing complexity in organizations and in the IT field requires specific research and analysis activities. At Imola Informatica, we rely on the analysis and application of principles of complexity, such as emergency, resilience, unpredictability, circular causality and edge of chaos.

    This approach allows us to imagine the changes in relationship dynamics between organizations, people, processes and information systems.
    For us, complexity management is a transversal approach which we use to meet our customers’ needs better.


    The innovative blockchain model is today almost exclusively associated with cryptocurrencies, like bitcoins. However there are many possible applications of blockchain, with which we have helped our customers renew their own business models.

    The blockchain paradigm can be used to create an uneditable distributed ledger, without having a centralized entity. This means you can do secure transactions without intermediaries: this is the aspect of blockchain technology which is behind digital transformation processes.

    Management consulting

    Over the years we have helped many managers live through the evolution of their roles adequately. Changing contexts and the push to innovate require discontinuity in approaches and methods.

    In these cases, we talk to the company and create a transformation-oriented relationship. We bring in our skills to support the internal resources. In this way, we can effectively respond to our customers’ needs.


    Before deciding on a course of action, corporate governance presupposes a series of assessments. At Imola Informatica, we work alongside the company offices to identify and implement the most appropriate decision-making courses for the changing market environment.

    We need to consider multiple points of view in this activity in order to facilitate sense-making stages in which decisions may be determined on future courses. In this way, we can bring the corporate levels into line with the business ecosystem.

    At Imola Informatica, we are convinced that data and information are raw materials which can be used to create innovative services and improve business.

    Today artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the way we exploit the huge amounts of data we have (big data). We consider this a challenge we should rise to together with our customers.

    Enterprise knowledge management

    After people, the most important business asset a company has is the knowledge it produces and uses every day: data and information form a company’s distinctive cultural heritage.

    For this reason, at Imola Informatica, we help our customers take care of their business knowledge.

    Our services in the field of enterprise knowledge management range from mentoring activities to methodological contributions with innovative, open technological solutions.

    Data governance

    Without knowing your data thoroughly, it is not possible to make business actions effective. At Imola Informatica, we create the most suitable models for managing your company’s information assets effectively.

    To do this, you need to keep strict controls on data throughout its entire life cycle, from its creation, until it is securely archived according to regulations. These steps allow us to draw up an evolutionary road map, which is constantly monitored through a maturity assessment model.

    Semantic data integration

    Companies generally have all the information they need to respond to business or regulatory needs. However, this information is often not interconnected, inconsistent, redundant or difficult to access.

    At Imola Informatica, we exploit standard approaches and technologies that derive from the semantic web and from the open data paradigm. We succeed in retrieving and extracting information, integrating various data sources, and formalizing shared models. In this way, information is always ready for use and re-use to face everyday challenges.


    Information, principles and tools are not easy to configure and use to achieve the best results. This is why we help our customers learn how to create value from their information, acquire the basic principles of knowledge management in the business environment, and make the most of available tools and technology.

    We have been doing mentoring at Imola Informatica for over thirty years. We offer specialized advice and training courses on various subjects and technologies, from the most established ones to the latest evolving innovations.

    Our top quality advice is centred around our development experience. Our customers find the knowledge we have gained at Imola Informatica particularly useful in order to assess:

    • the feasibility of solutions
    • the implementation of some critical components.

    Vendor lock-in is one of the most critical aspects of software developed for customers. For this reason, our advisory services always include a final stage: handover to the people who will take care of the long-term maintenance.

    At Imola Informatica, we are working to raise awareness regarding information technology security and data processing. We help companies manage their corporate assets involved in personal data processing.


    Information technology security

    Security is an ever changing procedure that starts right from in-house resources: people and IT assets. At Imola Informatica, we are convinced of this and, thanks to our independence from commercial products, we follow 3 principles: safety is a process; safety is testable; safety is measurable.

    We focus on the correctness of internal processes and education in companies to create a widespread awareness of cybersecurity. Our aims are:

    • to help identify critical issues
    • to suggest how to solve problems
    • to support choices and implementations
    • to help companies become autonomous in security management and prevention.

    For more information:


    For many organizations, the GDPR is a legal obligation and bureaucratic burden. At Imola Informatica, we see the European General Data Protection Regulation as a lever for business growth. We start from the data, and their management, in order to place them at the centre of a process which assures greater security and privacy protection.

    When companies ask us how to comply with the GDPR, we tell them they have to see data processing in an entirely new way. We support our customers throughout the whole process to achieve:

    • correct data management
    • more consistent and informed management of personal data.

    Architecture icon


    We design streamlined, flexible architectures.
    We guide the evolution of complex information systems.

    Advisory services icon

    Advisory services

    We try out all the most promising new developments.
    We select the most suitable technologies for your world.

    Knowledge management icon

    Knowledge management

    We draw up models to manage data and information.
    We create innovative services to improve your business.

    Security icon

    Security and privacy

    We help companies face up to the challenges of cybersecurity.
    We educate organizations on the culture of security.

    Delivery icon


    We develop software for any need.
    We guarantee top notch results for your company.

    When we first started out everyone said:
    information technology is the future.
    More than thirty years later,
    it still seems that way

    Claudio Bergamini
    Founder and president of Imola Informatica



    Make room for companies and the world of research, students and geeks, public bodies and curious people! This is the ecosystem found in our Open Innovation Labs (digital innovation laboratories).

    Open Innovation Labs
    Professor Antonio Corradi talks about innovation laboratories

    Open Innovation Labs
    Matteo Gori from CucinaBarilla talks about corporate culture

    Team spirit

    Great talents able to work together.
    The outcome is always the result of several skills and several people.
    This is our strength and our culture.

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